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It's ok with me!

God of immeasurable might

Added 21st August 2020


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God of immeasurable might,
whose hands shaped the sun in the sky;
on solid foundations established creation
and gave it life.
Everything made by design,
crafted with wisdom divine;
painted with purpose on your living canvas,
making the world come alive!

Praise the Lord, my soul!
God, you are wonderful!
All of creation breathes because of you.
You have poured your heart
into this work of art
and, with breath you gave,
the world responds in praise:
thank you for all you have made!

You are the giver of life,
sustainer of all in your sight;
you care for the needs
of the creatures beneath
your watchful eye.
You’re our creator and King,
your goodness surrounds everything;
ruling with kindness and walking beside us,
reigning in majesty.

Bible Passages: Psalm 104; Psalm 121:7

This song is heavily inspired by Psalm 104, and in part by Richard Bauckham’s commentary ’Community of Creation’. The psalm is packed full of colourful imagery of a creator who not only creates, but sustains. A God who is so immeasurably vast, mighty and powerful yet so intricately loving that he provides a home for even the tiniest of creatures.

I love how in this Psalm there is no particular preferential treatment given to humankind, we are simply a part of the brilliantly diverse tapestry of life that God is stitching together. Part of the community of creation designed and cared for by the ultimate artist.

The song itself took about two years to finally come together. I’d written the chorus and verse melodies pretty quickly but it took a lot of time, effort and input from the Resound team to iron out all the creases and become what it is today. It’s a song of praise, where we return the breath that was given to us back to our maker, and say ’Thank You for all You have made!’.

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