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It's ok with me!

Searching for a baby

Added 11th December 2012


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Searching for a baby,
on the streets of Bethlehem.
Looking for a Saviour -
have you seen him?
We listened to the angels
with their news of deepest joy,
now we’re on our way to find this boy.

As we look for him
we find that we’re the lost
and it is he who seeks and saves,
at such great cost.
As we see him there
in a manger on the ground,
we find that we are found.

Looking for the answers
we are searching for a king.
He isn’t in a palace -
have you seen him?
We’re following this bright star,
somewhere back we lost the way.
Could someone tell us where this child is laid?

Now we’ve found this Saviour,
we’re singing out his Christmas hymns.
He is God amongst us -
have you seen him?
We'll lay our gifts before him,
choose to follow and obey.
We will put our trust in him today.

Bible Passages: Matt 2; Luke 2

My pastor and friend Steve Moody asked if I knew any Christmas songs on the theme of Lost and Found.  I didn't, and so had a go at writing my own!  It is one of the mind-bending truths of the gospel that although we think of ourselves as 'seekers' who 'find God', in fact it is he who seeks and finds us.  This is nowhere better demonstrated than in his journey to earth to become one of us, as a tiny baby in a manger.  Merry Christmas!

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