Songs by Joel Payne

Joel's last proper job was as the Minister for Worship and Prayer at St James Church in Muswell Hill, having previously worked at St Michael le Belfrey in York. Since then he has taken a bit of a career break, spending some time with his wife Rhiannon as missionaries in Peru, completing an MA London School of Theology, and now working part-time for Christian Aid learning all about international development work. In his spare time he loves reading, writing, running and roast chicken.

We come to you in sorrow

A song of confession, repentance and confidence of forgiveness.
By Joel Payne | Added 28th January 2014
Themes: Repentance, Mercy, Sin

Listen to the sound

A joyful Christmas call to worship with a hint of bluegrass
By Joel Payne | Added 12th October 2013
Bible Refs: Luke 2
Themes: Christmas

There is a love

Mid-tempo song celebrating God's love in our lives

Jesus you have called us

Gentle song of commitment to take up our cross and follow Jesus.

You are good and forgiving

Heartfelt song of trust in God through difficult times
By Joel Payne | Added 29th December 2009
Bible Refs: Psalm 86:5-10

As we gather (Whatever we do)

A joyful commitment to worship in every sphere of life
By Joel Payne | Added 5th October 2009
Bible Refs: Col 3:15-25; Col 4:1

Come see the Son

Coldplay-esque song following the story of Good Friday through to Easter Day

We worship a wonderful Saviour

Up-tempo song themed around the incarnation, building to a huge crescendo of praise of 'God with us'
By Joel Payne | Added 11th November 2008

He's my Saviour

The song you help write! A really useful framework for encouraging groups to contribute in worship
By Joel Payne | Added 27th October 2008
Bible Refs: 1 Cor 15:3-4; Rev 22:20

When I'm weak

Powerful mid-tempo anthem proclaiming 'You are good and your grace is enough for me'
By Joel Payne | Added 5th January 2008

Who is this? (Miracles)

Up-tempo song based on Jesus' miracles and giving the answer: 'This is our God'

What kind of throne

Beautifully poetic Christmas song focusing on a personal response of worship
By Joel Payne | Added 30th October 2007

Lord, you have searched me

Powerful mid-tempo song based on Psalm 139
By Joel Payne | Added 8th October 2007
Bible Refs: Psalm 139

A tomb so cold

An up-tempo celebration of Jesus' resurrection
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