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Awake my soul

Added 4th September 2017


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Awake my soul - come worship.

Come bring your worship, lift up your praise;
look to the Father, call on his name.
Honour the Saviour, Jesus the King;
filled with the Spirit, stand and sing.

Every life laid bare, nothing hidden here,
every heart’s desire known.
Jesus purify, cleanse our hearts and minds,
let your Holy Spirit come.

Come bring your worship, come seek his face,
trust in his mercy, rest in his grace.
Come to remember all he has done,
gather in awe before his throne.

With all our heart we worship,
with all our soul we worship,
with all our mind we worship,
with all our strength we worship.

Bible Passages: Psalm 57:8; Luke 10:27
Themes: Gathering

I see this song being used early on in a time of congregational worship, as a call to worship. I love how the psalmist cries out 'awake my soul' in psalm 57. The context is one of struggle and opposition and his response is to call his soul, then the instruments and then the dawn to awaken as the nations rise to sing God's praise, remembering his love, faithfulness and glory that reaches across the whole world.

The chorus draws heavily from the Anglican Collect for Purity prayer, which is said together to prepare our hearts for worship. I have found it helpful to pray this prayer before, after or even during this song, giving fresh meaning to an ancient prayer.

We then find ourselves at the end of the song, singing that we worship with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. This being the greatest commandment according to Jesus in Luke 10:27.

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