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It's ok with me!

Father God we come

Added 8th September 2008


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Father God, we come with confidence through faith.
Father God, we stand before your throne of grace.
We can only come, stand before your throne,
because Christ has made the way;
shed his precious blood as our sacrifice,
so we offer you our praise.

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!
The way is open to the Father, hallelujah!

Father God, we come, invited to draw near.
Father God, we stand before you without fear.
We are welcomed in, to your presence, Lord,
as the Spirit leads the way.
We will join with Christ, we will join with heav’n,
as we offer you our praise.

Father God, we come, hallelujah.

I realised a few years ago that there are not many worship songs that mention the Trinity, so I wanted to have a go at writing some. I got hold of a great book called 'Worshipping Trinity' by Robin Parry, and started to read. In February we were set the challenge at a songwriters meeting to write some Trinity themed songs, and so this is the first fruits of that challenge from my hand.

The song is not a traditional Trinity song, with 3 verses about the Father, Son and Spirit, but if you look through the lyrics the Trinity is clearly there. The verses explore the different roles of the Son and the Spirit in leading us to the Father and the chorus is a simple refrain of praise to the Father, because he is worthy to be praised!

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christine oyugi at 14:00 on 6th October 2012