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It's ok with me!

Daily I stumble (Grace enough)

Added 15th July 2014


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Daily I stumble,
daily I fall;
daily your mercy is new with the dawn.
How fickle my heart is,
how feeble and poor;
but your heart is steadfast,
your love is secure.

You have grace enough for my wayward heart,
running out to me with your open arms.
You have grace enough for my wayward heart,
running out to me with your open arms.

No longer I'm an outcast,
you are welcoming me in.
No longer I'm an orphan,
I'm a child of the King!

This simple song serves an opportunity to realign ourselves with God's gracious rescue. Our daily experience of destructive decisions is a story we all find ourselves in. But it is only a passing page in The Story of our Father's extravagant grace. Losing our place in his story of grace will always lead us deeper into death at the hands of the religion we crave to make ourselves okay - and religion never changed anyone's heart for the better!

The Story that Jesus has invited us into is one of grace, not religion; it transforms the shameful burden of a servant into the joyful song of a child. It's time for us to remember our new existence is one of nothing but grace.

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