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God the word of life (Great day)

Added 24th August 2020


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God, the Word of life, created all,
sun and moon and galaxies beyond,
giving life to all that lives and breathes,
grace and love supplying every need.
Yet we wait for the day.

In Christ we hope,
by faith we know
our redemption is close,
but still the earth groans.

God, our hope, has heard creation call,
pouring out his mercy on the earth,
giving us his one and only Son
rescuing the world he loves so much.
Yet we wait for the day.

The earth will be healed,
creation set free,
in the great day of the Lord.
The whole earth restored,
in beauty and awe,
in the great day of the Lord.

In the Old Testament the Day of the Lord was often understood in the context of divine judgment , yet at Pentecost this 'Great Day' becomes linked to the giving of the Spirit , the salvation and the re-creation made possible for all through Christ . Despite humanity's best efforts to plunder and pollute, and even as we 'groan' now along with all creation, still we can confidently express our hope in God who will ultimately bring restoration, healing and renewal to our planet , and everything in it . As ever, the song went through a number of drafts , particularly the chorus - and trying to decide which part was the chorus and which was the bridge or tag . We're really happy with the end result and trust it will bless you and will help you express worship to our awesome and loving Creator God.


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