Look up to the skies

All Age
By Judy Gresham | Added 1st June 2009
Bible Passages: Psalm 19:1-6; Rom 1:20
Includes: Hi-Quality MP3, Choir Score, Piano Score, Backing Track

In this song I have tried to express in straightforward language how God reveals himself in creation, inviting us to acknowledge him in wonder and worship. The first line is an interpretation of Psalm 19:1 -‘ the heavens declare the glory of God’- I hope that just as children will be familiar with the idea of putting good pieces of work up on display at school, so they will understand that God has put his work on display for us to see – albeit on a much grander scale! The chorus then encourages us to join in with the rest of creation, giving praise & glory to God. My thanks to the other RESOUNDworship.org writers for their suggestions, as I went through a number of drafts for this song in an effort to make it as ‘all age-friendly’ as possible.

Look up to the skies, see all that’s displayed,
the wonder of God in the things he has made.
The sunsets and storms, the bright shining stars,
are showing his glory and almighty power.

Come, join with creation today,
worship the Lord give him praise.
Sing praise!
Sing praise!

The sun rising up reminds us to say,
‘Be glad and give thanks to the Lord God today.’
And when evening falls, the moon’s silver light
will shine for his praise through the darkness of night.

The mountains so high, the valleys so low,
the fruit on the trees and the flowers that grow,
the birds of the air, the creatures that crawl,
give glory to God who reigns over them all.

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Such a good song especially for little kids.
shannon hollaway at 02:12 on 21st September 2011
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