Sing to God

By Gavin Ball | Added 5th August 2011
Bible Passages: Psalm 33:1-22; Psalm 34:1-22
Includes: Hi-Quality MP3, Choir Score, Piano Score, Backing Track

The main inspiration for the song was Psalm 33 and 34, particularly Psalm 34:3 'Glorify the LORD with me; let us exalt his name together' (NIV). The song is an encouragement to the congregation to 'Sing with passion and give God our best'. Why? Because he is completely holy, faithful, strong, trustworthy, and deserving of our praise. It's a call to worship written for the beginning of a service as the musicians and singers (of whatever size congregation) join together to give glory to the Lord, with no holding back!

Sing to God with passion,
he deserves our best,
raise an anthem to the King of Kings.
God is true and faithful,
shout it from your heart,
all the earth is filled with his great love.

Come glorify the Lord with me,
and praise his holy name.
Come glorify the Lord with me,
lets give him all the praise.

Come to God in worship,
join the instruments, everyone lift up your voice to him.
Hes the Rock of ages,
strong until the end,
we can trust the never failing God.


Celebrate, lift his name,
he deserves the highest praise.

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Thank you for this site , make a lot of help with me in practicing the youth . God bless us all ^_^ #Philippines
Jean Ramos at 09:06 on 3rd July 2013
thanks a lot for free song backing track! :) Very helpful for our ministry in Nepal! God bless your ministry!
ching karmacharya at 11:46 on 11th June 2013
This is truly a worship song celebrating the faithfulness of God.
Angella Walters at 04:31 on 3rd August 2012
a video link for this song can be found here:
Gavin Ball at 14:13 on 18th July 2012
I love worship song,it's lift my spirit and brings me to the presence of God.And when you are in his presnce you have access to Divine Ideas.
Moses Sanlola at 10:52 on 8th June 2012
Great song to use for opening a worship set. Thank you for sharing God's gifts with all. Beautiful music.
Christie Williams at 15:55 on 19th October 2011
love this!
Eileen Taylor at 15:57 on 21st September 2011
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